Now, don’t get me wrong. The Debian package manager is probably the reason why I began using GNU/Linux. My previous experiences with other GNU/Linux operating systems left me very confused. However, in my defense, I was still very wet behind the years at the time. So one day, after getting a suggestion from a friend of mine who was well versed in the Debian ways, told me I should try it out. The operating system itself has a steeper learning curve, but the package management system made it all worth it.

And, yes it did.

I started dual booting Debian and Windows 2000 at the time. And for the most part, it got me through a majority of my computer sciencing days. Granted I never took the time to get most of the devices working on my laptop (no sound, default video with no dual monitor action, no wireless network), but it did what I needed it to do, which was to be GNU/Linux. It made development while in GNU/Linux hard since where was no music.

Flash forward a year. That is when I found out about Ubuntu. I heard it was based off of Debian, but would typically work out of the box. With no configuration. I didn’t believe it. Based of Debian, but works with a lot of hardware out there?

Well color me surprised when I installed it on my Sony VIAO laptop and it picked everything up (other than my Microsoft usb wireless network card). But I was never huge on wifi anyway.

The story of how I found Ubuntu was not how I was expecting this post to go, but I guess it had to be said to properly set up future Ubuntu posts.