It has been about 8 days since Facebook Chat was activated for me and as far as I am concerned, it is a winner. One of my biggest concerns is that the service would feel tacked on and very intrusive. Thankfully this is not the case.

I have been using Facebook Chat every day since it’s introduction in my network, except for this past Friday and Saturday where I was out of town. Facebook really did a good job of integrating the Chat application into their current infrastructure, meaning within the chat boxes of each of your friends, you get a mini feed update in the chat dialog. Everyone who I’ve talked to about it likes the Chat. Overall this is a pretty awesome tool for anyone to use to quickly get a message across. The bar that is constantly on the bottom really doesn’t take away from anything else on Facebook’s page, whichever page you’re on. The only real annoyance is if you have your buddy list up as well as a chat window, if you click anywhere else on the page, the buddy list minimizes but not the chat window. This holds true even if the buddy window isn’t up. Please Facebook, if you are reading this, minimize the buddy chat windows like you do the buddy list window!