I’ve been trying to keep this place a (mostly) video game free place, but sometimes things come up that require me to take time to write an article on my blog. It may or may not have been apparent that I do have an affinity for video games. This can easily be inferred by my severe lack of postings whenever a video game drops like Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Grand Theft Auto 4, soon to be Metal Gear Solid 4. But out of all the video games I’ve played last year (2007), there have been two that are very worthy of praise by me, Portal and Bioshock. Needless to say, when a Bioshock movie is announced, it is going to make waves on my blog. [Warning: possible game spoilers below]

My main concern is how will this game translate into a movie? And at what time period will this game take place? I’d like to rule out a retelling of the game’s story, however, personally I’d love to see that. I can always replay the game if need be, however if it is a retelling of the game’s story, I feel that a lot may be lost. One of the more fantastic elements (an element I was totally apposed to) is the fact that it was a first person view. Many of the plot twists felt like they were happening to the player rather than the person in game that you are looking at. Also the creepiness factor of it might be hard to reproduce, because again, it felt like you were in game instead of just looking at someone that has things happen to him. When a Splicer creeps up behind you, there is always that sudden fear. To me, if the movie were to be retelling of the game play, I doubt it would be any good since, like I said, it would lose a lot and there would be no way that the movie would be as great as the game.

I’d love to see the movie tell a different part and furthering the story. There is so much that isn’t said yet about Rapture, it’s inhabitants, and what happened. This is definitely one story that needs to be extended. By telling a different part of the story, it allows the writers and producers a much bigger slate to work with, as well as a stylistic creativity not bound by anything done prior, story-wise.

The fact that Gore Verbinski is directing it really has me looking forward to this, since I loved the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (yes! all three!). We need someone who has that sort of epic vision and direction to direct this movie, since the story is nothing short of epic.

I really do hope this is a Pirate-scale movie, because the story really does deserve it.