Typically, I am against reading comments in any sort of social-anything site but there are very few times where I am linked a fantastic comment that deserves its own post. This is one of those comments. From Reddit.com, the bug finding program comment by user G_Morgan:

I have a bug finding program. You pass in the name of a code file and it returns a truth value if there is a bug in that file or not.

The current prototype is:

<code>bool hasBug(String &progFile) {
    return TRUE;

G_Morgan’s function could not be any more true.

The best part is really the articled linked to by that Reddit page. It links back to a type of “Coder for Higher” page where this gem appears:

Description The purpose of this project is to create a debugger program. This program will take as input the source code another program, and will analyze that other program and determine if it will run to completion, or have an error, or go into an infinite loop.

To state that another way, given a function f and input x, determine if f(x) will halt.

Very well played sir. Very well played. I just hope that Alan Turing isn’t turning over in his grave because of this joke.