I, for one, am all for trying to save money. One way a business can save money is by minimizing the amount of customer service agents available to the public. Typically when a company does this, they provide a very verbose FAQ for the end user to use to help diagnose a problem. However there are those rare instances when a direct method of communication is required.

I bring this up because I’ve noticed an error on Google’s Latitude emails sent out and would like to notify them of it. However going to Google’s Contact Us page really doesn’t provide any help. There is a phone number, but I don’t want to phone and say “Hey you have a misspelling in your email.” This isthe exact purpose for email. I just want a support@google.com email to send them this little bit of information. But no.

Google, if you or your crawler reads this, please remedy this. Give me a very simple way of emailing you a problem. The other side of this is, Google does provide a very extensive forum (Google Groups) for use, however I don’t believe this is the sort of thing a forum post is designed for. Maybe I am just too old fashioned for that sort of thing. I just don’t believe there is any reason why I should spend more than 5 minutes looking for a simple way of contacting Google, or any company really.

In case any of you are wondering, here is the problem from the Google Latitude Email:


The correct address is: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA.

However I will try posting this to a Google Group and see if that helps.