This is an update to my previous post, Zynga, A Text Message Spamming Company.

After going to bed last night hoping that I won’t be awakened by another text message in the middle of the night, I was delighted this morning to wake up and have an email from someone named Wendy Bean from Zynga waiting for me. The email reads as follows:

Hi Mike,

We are truly sorry. Please reply with the phone number that the text was sent to, and we will immediately remove it from our list.

We’re new to iPhone app development and we’re learning in real time. We will be making changes to

ensure that SMS alerts are an opt-in feature. We will continue to incorporate feedback from the community, like yours, as we

build more and better social games for iPhone, the web and beyond. Thanks for your patience as we iron out these kinks.



Zynga Inc.

There you have it, the end to a problem that should have never exsisted, but at least it ended the best possible way. If you have this problem, please email Wendy at wendy {at] zynga [dot} com and give her a quick synopsis of the problem (texting spam) as well as your cell phone number.

I am extremely glad this got resolved. I really wasn’t expecting to hear back from anyone and for this thing to kind of just be forgotten about. I’d like to thank Zynga for actually contacting me to get this situation resolved.