I’ve managed to avoid this dirty topic, however I shouldn’t any longer since I am going to begin on an experiment. How easy can it possibly be to make an iPhone application? Can a simple one be created in about 10 days time? Most would say “Yes,” however I have no prior experience with Objective-C, let alone the iPhone SDK, or Xcode. With all these unknowns, can sufficient knowledge be picked up and put to use to write a rather trivial application for the iPhone?

I am not really sure on how much detail I can get into without breaking Apple’s NDA (yes I should figure that out) but I estimate a prototype application to be written in a language that I already know in about 6-10 hours time. Since I will only have about 3-5 hours a night to sit down, learn Objective-C and the iPhone SDK, then apply everything I know I am actually pretty curious myself to see how this goes.

From this Apple press release:

“The SDK allowed us to build a groundbreaking new AIM client in record time,” said Kevin Conroy, executive vice president, AOL. “The platform’s elegance and ease of use has inspired our developers to create innovative new web and SDK based experiences for iPhone and iPod touch.”

I can’t help but think what I want to do is simple and can be done in the allotted time. I think it is going to be pretty interesting getting over my own preconceived notions on Objective-C. That will probably be my first real order of business beyond sitting down with some “Learn Objective-C basics” webpages.