So one of my deep, dark secrets is that I’ve always used a visual Subversion client, be it in Eclipse using Subclipse or TortoiseSVN so needless to say I never learned how to use the command line tools of Subversion in depth. I’ve used svn co and svn add successfully, but that’s it and not in depth. Now that I’ve been developing an iPhone application on my Mac, I’ve run into a problem of not really finding GUI tools to use. The problem is further complicated by not really looking for GUI SVN tools to use. I figured it would be a good time to learn the command line tools available by default on OS X. I think they’re there by default anyway. Maybe they were installed when I installed Xcode? Whatever.

Anyway, back to the point of this. For the iPhone developers out there, you know that when you run your code on the iPhone simulator, the code is compiled and stored in /build. I didn’t want Subversion to know about that directory so I tried to add it to my svn:ignore properties. I ran into issues here and here and just couldn’t get it working correctly. This was because I misunderstood what I was suppose to do to get Subversion to ignore a file or directory. I found this helpful blog entry about Command Line svn:ignore a file which got me on the right track right away. So thanks!