I’ve always loved Google Chrome, since I first got my hands on it, but there were always so many things that I depended on in Firefox did but Chrome didnt - Live Bookmarks and Adblock mainly. Today marks the day that I’ve converted to using Chrome exclusively and here’s why.

  1. Adblock for Chrome - This has been around for a while, yes, and it’s been installed for a while.

  2. Personal Blocklist (by Google) - This I’ve just discovered today (I think it was made available today) and this is something I’ve been wanting in Google search results for a very long time. This plugin gives you an option to block domains from Google search results. Say “bye-bye” to those stupid content farms. This also sends block information back to Google so that they can further tune their anti-content-farm algorithms. The only shortcoming of this is that the extension’s data still doesn’t sync to my Google account which means I’d have to add each domain in on each instance of Chrome, which isn’t a deal breaker, but I can’t wait to everything just automagically works everywhere.

  3. RSS Live Links - This is, by far, the most important thing for me. I have a bunch of “daily” links set up through del.icio.us and setup through Firefox as live links so that I can open my browser, click one button and have all my important links open. This was not available on Chrome for a while. I just found this extension today.

And with the RSS Live Links extension, I am content enough with Chrome to get rid of Firefox for my daily browsing needs. Congrats Google, you’ve won again. No amount of Firefox 4 is going to convince me to switch back to it.