For better or for worse, version two of The Beer Stash has been released! I took an unfortunate break from working on anything in my free time because, well, I had no free time. I’d go more in depth about that but this post is about The Beer Stash, not me.

So, what’s new?

Good question!

First and foremost I’ve completely updated the look of The Beer Stashing using a couple of templates I purchased. I never really liked the look of the site before and I feel with the new set of widget tools available to me, I can expand the site into more places. Some of the UI may still be a bit funky but that’s all still a work in progress.

Secondly, some of the URLs have been updated. Mainly the profile page and user beerstash page. New URLs are in the form of: User: /users/USERNAME/ and User Beer Stash: /users/USERNAME/beerstash/STASHNAME/ Currently, there is no direct link to your profile. If you want to share your profile, please follow the first URL pattern. Obviously this will be fixed. From the profile page, you would be able to see all your beer stashes.

Thirdly, I removed all Beer Stream functionality, public and personal follows. Though I still love the idea, I feel that its introducion was a bit premature. No one really used it so I spend too much development time and thinking time on it when I could have spent it better somewhere else. It will be back

Lastly, and the reason for the rather forced update, is the upgrade from Untappd’s v3 API to v4. I was getting too many error emails about people using the site and not being able to so that had to be fixed. Because of how rushed the update was, some of the UI elements aren’t quite as polished as I would have liked. Believe that all those will be fixed.

So, for now, please continue to bear with me while I get the site to the “quality” that it was before adding new functionality.

As always, thank you for using The Beer Stash and if you have any feature requests/problems or anything else, please shoot me an email or use the provided Feedback link!