Yesterday, I began the (about) 10 day long experiment to see if I could learn about the iPhone development process then actually write something useful. Though I haven’t written anything, I thought it would be important to at least get familiar with the language itself, Objective-C. I saw down with Apple’s Objective-C primer and read through it. Though rather short, it did provide quite a bit of detail regarding the language syntax and semantics. Thankfully it no longer is totally foreign to me, but as I thought I still think the syntax is pretty hideous.

Tonight’s main objective is to get through the “Hello, World!” iPhone application and write that out long with the example and go through the demo application that kind of has to do with what I want to do with the application that I am writing. If there is time, I’d like to start the application tonight. I don’t think that will happen though, not because I am lazy, but looking up unknown Objective-C and iPhone API references will probably take a while. Getting familiar with Xcode also will be a hassle, I believe.

Thoughts so far: Why would anyone go to such far lengths to push their language onto everyone?

Note: If I get about half way into this and it is looking to be somewhat impossible, I will be switching gears and rewriting the application in another language, not because I am going to give up on iPhone development (unless what I want to do proves impossible due to Apple’s limitations on the iPhone SDK) but more so because I want this working application for a trip I am going on next Thursday (2009-07-23). I would continue with this application once I get back.