No I am not dead and I am back with a Mac. So how about that? I definitely (probably said this before) want to get back into blogging but I ran into something tonight that is pretty irritating. So much so that I had to fire up the ol' blog account and get to writing. Now, I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong here but none the less I want to post this up and (hopefully) get some input on the situation. Here’s the deal. I want to mount (via Samba on an Ubuntu box named ubuntu1) a shared directory that is named test. I want to mount it in a directory inside my home in a directory named “test” on OS X. Why is it such a problem? Is it even possible to mount a Samba share this way? Note that /Users/mike/test exists but /Users/mike/test1/ doesn’t.

[13]mike@OSX:~/$ mount -t smbfs //mike@ubuntu1/test/ /Users/mike/test/
mount_smbfs: mount error: /Users/mike/test: File exists
[14]mike@OSX:~/$ mount -t smbfs //mike@ubuntu1/test/ /Users/mike/test1/
mount: realpath /Users/mike/test1: No such file or directory

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here. Doesn’t matter if I prefix the command with sudo or not. It says it can’t mount because the directory exists then it can’t mount because the directory doesn’t exist.  I don’t know what OS X wants from me. I know that I can probably Google for an answer but really, this did grind my gears and I wanted to write about it.

(Update)Looks like mount only works if the target mount directory is under /Volumes/ ? Well bed time to continue this later.