Having completed Apple’s Hello World tutorial application, I feel like the application I want to write will not be that hard to do. I just wish that I had more time to actually learn the language and SDK in its entirety before jumping into it. After running through the demo application, I think that the application that I want to write will be pretty easy to do using the language, but alas “easy to do” means nothing without fully knowing your tool set. But I guess that is the bulk of this experiment; can this application get done in such a short amount of time with very little prior knowledge?

Thoughts so far: Why did Apple take the idea of Visual Basic’s interface builder and seemingly make it more complicated to use? And really, a NIB file (read about it)? Also, development without a mouse or a second monitor is barbaric. I think that the hardest part of this experiment is living without a second monitor or mouse. Sadly due to the way my environment is set up at home, a second monitor or mouse is not easy to use with a laptop.