Users of The Beer Stash have been through a lot with this site. It still very much is in the prototype phase. I am very thankful that I still continue to have active users despite the fact that they’ve been using a prototype product, but that is what being an early adopter is all about - dealing with crap to be the first user of a new technology. Today’s update is one of my more prototype of prototypes, and one that seems to have been causing a bit of confusion on the site. In order to start gathering feedback, I present to you your home page navigation!

Example image image

People expected something to be on the page that you get redirected to after you log in, and I kept getting questions about that. They’re right, obviously, being redirected to a blank page absolutely sucks, so I decided that I should clean up the navigation work that I’ve been doing and post it. At least this way I can start getting feedback about it. Note the “Stash” drop down, now gone from the top bar.