I didn’t post yesterday mainly because I knew I wasn’t going to be doing any development last night. I needed to take a night off, so this post is about what I did two nights ago.

A couple of nights ago I decided that I should just start with my application and learn as I go. This actually turned out to be a pretty good idea. I didn’t have much time code at full stream, so I took the opportunity and what little time I had to set up the bare bones application, and by that I mean take what I learned in the “Hello, World” iPhone development example. I set up the buttons and label using Interface Builder as well as all the code that links up to the buttons and label.

There are two main parts left in my application: firing events and music control. Firing events I am working on right now which seems to be pretty straight forward. To be honest, if I wasn’t goofing around using NSLog I would probably be done with it right now. I am watching Star Wars as I code so my attention is split pretty evenly between the two.

Sunday, once I finish with some family time, I will get into the bulk of the music player. Thankfully I started this project after iPhone software 3.0 was released because, as it seems, controlling/playing music was not available to developers in earlier versions.


Not sure how Apple could have thought that was a good idea. At least they saw the errors of their ways.

Thoughts so far: this is much easier than I had anticipated. Also setting up a new iPhone application from scratch and using Interface Builder is much easier the second time around.