I was indirectly convinced by a friend of mine to get my butt back to work releasing The Beer Stash. Development has been slow lately for various reasons but there were a few things I’ve completed but just never had the time to post. Today, I got home and finished up the last few remaining tasks that I wanted for this build. Today’s post is the penultimate post before I open up registration, so you early adopters out there really should get to work!

There are two main changes in today’s post. First off, we have inline Beer Stash editing! Before today’s post, getting to your Beer Stash to edit it took you out of where I would have liked the logged in users to be. Let’s call it the dashboard. This is the page that has your Beer Stream and all created Stashes. You’ll be happy to see that whatever Beer Stash you click opens to the right of the navigation:


The second change here is really the reason why this post took so long for me to get up - I decided to change the links to public facing user Beer Stashes. What used to be /stash/USERNAME/STASH_SLUG/ has now become /users/USERNAME/STASH_SLUG/. It felt really weird having the one off /stash/ URL, and I feel this just works better. I firmly believe that Cool URIs Don’t Change, but I felt this was necessary. All URLs in the form of the old style automatically get 301’ed to the new URL scheme, so hopefully this doesn’t break anything.

There are a few other minor tweaks here and there but I’ll leave those as exercices for our readers to find. Enjoy!