ShotWeb - The Space Adventure Game

I’ll begin by saying that I love video games. I got into the unfortunate habit of thinking I don’t have time to do the thing that I loved doing. I limited my time in video games to fridays before heading out. Over the past 4 years, I’d put in about 30-60 minutes of racing in and call it good.

When my schedule cleared up at the beginning of May, I decided to start a new project, a game that I’m (for now) called You I. Before getting started I did my due diligence and boiled it down to two technology stacks: Java + LWJGL with Slick2D or Unity. I eventually picked the Java stack specifically because I was actually more interested in building a game engine from scratch and the game rather than just creating the game. And so I began.

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Back in Gear with The Beer Stash

Not much to say here. I’ve disappeared for about a year with no blog posts. I’ve continued to make small posts to The Beer Stash, mostly relating to new feature experimentation, but nothing of real face value - until today. One feature people have been asking for is CSV export. Check it out.

I haven’t been completely avoiding working on The Beer Stash for the past year. I’ve been doing a lot of playing around. I think I figured out a direction I want to take the site. The first of many updates comes tonight. I wanted to get this out quickly because, well, it was simple but I wanted to make sure my build environment and deployment scripts still work.

I can’t say the features that are coming have been asked for by anyone but they are things that I’ve been wanting to implement for some time.

The Beer Stash Version 2.0

For better or for worse, version two of The Beer Stash
has been released! I took an unfortunate break from working on anything in my free time because, well, I had no free time. I’d go more in depth about that
but this post is about The Beer Stash, not me.

So, what’s new?

Good question!

First and foremost I’ve completely updated the look of The Beer Stashing using a couple of templates I purchased. I never
really liked the look of the site before and I feel with the new set of widget tools available to me, I can expand the site
into more places. Some of the UI may still be a bit funky but that’s all still a work in progress.

Secondly, some of the URLs have been updated. Mainly the profile page and user beerstash page. New URLs are in the form of:
User: /users/USERNAME/
User Beer Stash: /users/USERNAME/beerstash/STASHNAME/
Currently, there is no direct link to your profile. If you want to share your profile, please follow the first URL pattern. Obviously this will be fixed.
From the profile page, you would be able to see all your beer stashes.

Thirdly, I removed all Beer Stream functionality, public and personal follows. Though I still love the idea, I feel that its introducion was a bit premature.
No one really used it so I spend too much development time and thinking time on it when I could have spent it better somewhere else. It will be back

Lastly, and the reason for the rather forced update, is the upgrade from Untappd’s v3 API to v4. I was getting too many error emails about people using the site and not being able to
so that had to be fixed. Because of how rushed the update was, some of the UI elements aren’t quite as polished as I would have liked. Believe that all those will be fixed.

So, for now, please continue to bear with me while I get the site to the “quality” that it was before adding new functionality.

As always, thank you for using The Beer Stash and if you have any feature requests/problems or anything else, please shoot me an email or use the provided Feedback link!

One Month with The Beer Stash and THANK YOU to Untappd

It’s been about a month that I’ve released The Beer StashThe Beer Stash onto the public and I
have to admit that I cannot be happier with the results! The user base has quadrupled and
one of my visions has already been realized! We have some bottles hops on The Beer Stash!
I’m also getting a steady stream of input from users (thank you, by the way!) and I
even got my first support email today! This is going a lot better than I expected being so early on.

That’s not to say there hasn’t been some growing pain. I didn’t expect to hit my API limit on Untappd
so soon but it happened a few times. Both awesome and painful at the same time. There is nothing
more disheartening than seeing a server error when users are trying to search. Untappd contacted me (via Twitter)
and offered to increase my API limit.

Let me just say one thing here:

In case it wasn’t obvious (don’t you look at the bottom left of the footer?), Untappd has been my data provider for The Beer Stash.
Simply put, no Untappd, no The Beer Stash. I’ve always been a huge fan of their service, from a user point of view. Now that I’m using Untappd
as a developer, my love for them has only grown. It was very nice of them to help me with my API usage limit.
This means one awesome thing for you - no more searching errors (for the time being, anyway).

I am very excited to see what this next month will bring. Unfortunately I won’t be able to dedicate much
time to The Beer Stash development but that will only be for this next month or so. Then back to the grind!

As usual, please let me know if you have any ideas or problems. I am very happy to help!