I’ll begin by saying that I love video games. I got into the unfortunate habit of thinking I don’t have time to do the thing that I loved doing. I limited my time in video games to fridays before heading out. Over the past 4 years, I’d put in about 30-60 minutes of racing in and call it good.

When my schedule cleared up at the beginning of May, I decided to start a new project, a game that I’m (for now) called You I. Before getting started I did my due diligence and boiled it down to two technology stacks: Java + LWJGL with Slick2D or Unity. I eventually picked the Java stack specifically because I was actually more interested in building a game engine from scratch and the game rather than just creating the game. And so I began.

I got… far enough. Enough to get something going. Through the discovery of Twitch.tv I decided I had to get back into playing video games. At least a bit before I got busy again. And through Twitch I re-discovered Kerbal Space Program.

I won’t amaze you at how much time I put into that game in such a short amount of time or all my amazing adventures but what did come out of it was a new interest in Unity. I’d become interested because I learned KSP was created with it.

Well long story short (too late..), and after a failed attempt at doing this earlier with Look What I Made Weekend, here is a “game” I created to get familiar with Unity - ShotWeb.

Control your ship using up and down arrows and fire with space. That rest is pretty straight forward.

I hope to do a few more projects with Unity and sum up my experiences with it. Right now, it’s a bit too early for me to say how much I like it. It’s all about learning the Unity, its UI, and little quarks.

I did not create any of the images used in that game. Random Google.

I also “updated” hexo and extended it a bit with this nifty Unity layout!