Keep Up With Your Beer History and Other Users on The Beer Stash

A bigger update of sorts but one that I make with sad news that this may be the last update for a while. Hopefully
the site continues to grow during this upcoming month. Everyone has got to take care of things.
I think it will be nice to take a stap back for a while, too.

Enough of that.

Tonight’s updates!

First we have some statistics for you! Once you log in, you are taken directly to your Beer Stash statistics.

Should be interesting to see how this grows. I wish I had this idea when I first started drinking craft beer.
I would have definitely liked to see my progression. How long after I first started until I could drink IPAs.
As long as our livers don’t give out, 10 years from now, we will have an amazing history to look back on.

The second is a combination of a few things that I will group into “second” thankyouverymuch.
It dawned on me that no one was using the Beer Stream functionality. I thought it was a good idea.
I came to the same conclusion as about three other people told me on that exact same day - it is hard
to find people to add, or more sadly, HOW do I?

That just means piss poor design, so I’m sorry. Today’s update is a very pathetic attempt at a stopgap until something
better comes up.

As stated, home page after logging in, which was the Beer Stream, has become the statistics page. The Beer Stream now
has its own entry! One major change though - there is now a Public Beer Stream. This is what everyone has added for the
past 10 days. Go through it, find new people with similar beer interests! See what they have in their neck of the woods.

Last update is the “Your Beer Stash Profile” link. This takes you to your (very lacking) Beer Stash profile. This link is what
you’d give to your friends so they can subscribe to your Beer Stream. Something better will come!

Git Gui and OSX Mountain Lion

I’ve upgraded my MacbBook Pro to Mountain Lion and, shockingly, there was absolutely no real issue to speak of.
Well, except for git gui. Even reinstalling
git-osx-installer didn’t help. Looking around
my file system, I did see that git-gui is still around (/usr/local/git/libexec/git-core/git-gui). Comparing a Lion machine’s config
with a Mountain Lion doesn’t really scream out any real reason why git gui shouldn’t work (probably because of my lack of
understanding of how git’s file system is set up) but at least you can issue the command directly and get into git gui.


This is my workaround. Nicer than before even:

Edit ~/.bash_profile and put in

Workaround - .bash_profile
alias gui='/usr/local/git/libexec/git-core/git-gui'

Save it and close the terminal. Now all you have to type is ‘gui’ to get git-gui to pop up.

Beer, Brewery and Beer Type Statistics Page Now Live

Now your beers, breweries and beer types have landing pages! I’ve converted all the regular names of these items to links,
linking them back to their pages. For instance, my Beer Stream now has links taking me to each item.

Each of these pages have some information and statistics about the item. The beer page
has information about the total times that beer has been stashed, ABV, brewery, type and which stashes currently have one.

The brewery page is a bit more light on information, with only the total times that brewery has been stashed and
which beers in the system are brewed by that brewery.

The beer type page is similarly light on information, with only the total times that beer type has been stashed and which beers in the system
are of that type.

These pages will be expanded over time.

Beer Stream Now Shows The Last 10 Days

I’ve posted a quick update on how your Beer Stream is displayed. Before, the Beer Stream
was only showing you the last 20 items, was ok for a while, but as more people
add their initial Stashes as well as used the system, it pushes things out that you may not have been seen yet.

Now the Beer Stream will always show up to the last ten days that had stashes. This
makes the Beer Stream long in some cases but you will be able to see more previous
Stashed beers.

As always, use it and use the feedback mechanism to let me know what works and what doesn’t.

The New Homepage Welcomes Everyone

Today brings two updates! First, and the only visible one, is a redesigned homepage to make it
look less like a 3 year old designed it and more like a 5-6 year old. The old home page was
very much thrown together and unprofessional. Hopefully this will draw the attention of a million more beer drinkers.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m willing to hear them (or drop me a line in the feedback link on the site itself).

The second update I am a little reluctant to talk about until I get everything sorted out with it, and
you may not see any results from this for a while, if ever, but falls under the umbrella of “why you should use the site.” I’ve
implemented the framework already. What can you do now to take advantage of this new functionality? Nothing! Just continue to use the
site as you usually do and if all goes well, in a few months time, I will have a surprise for you!

The Beer Stash is Now Taking All Users

Today’s the day, about two and a half months after starting this project, I’m
opening The Beer Stash up for anyone to sign up! This
is a very exciting time for me. Now, I start promoting and seeing if anyone
signs up.

There are a few updates that have been implemented as well:

I tried to make the Beer Stream a bit more friendly looking. I think it has worked well.

Second is moving the basic Stash management controls to the left, under the selected
Stash name. A little bit of a cleaner look which now frees me up to work on the Stash
look and feel. Removed also is the background color. Not sure which one I like the most.

So sign up, get your friends to sign up and start to Stash your beers!